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Crisis management

Prepare for and deal with unpredictable events before they threaten to harm your organization, stakeholders, the general public and affect your return on investment.

Who are you? What is it about you that you cannot help being

Wait until the poor man becomes rich before you conclude that he is humble. Watch your friend who was once out-in-the-cold and broke, but later on got a decent job, for a while before you conclude that he is a TRUE friend. Never assume that your boss is a team player until his power is threatened. There are only a handle of strategic leaders out there. As for Alchemists, I doubt so in Nigeria.

Effective Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Abuja, Nigeria

How many leaders have you groomed? Leadership is about people not about systems and structures. A good leader is concerned about the mission of the organization and communicates like a leader. He understands his triggers and is emotionally intelligent not to submit to same triggers and vent spleens thereby derailing the mission. He coaches his staff to make them handle responsibilities without micromanagement. After all, cross-cultural competencies are needed for the survival of every organization. —How good is your coaching skills? Good enough to coach a narcissist, the emotionally-disconnected and the passive-aggressive? Every leader must be a coach.


A wise manager of people is called to judge people but refrains from judging people. Such a manager helps people to think, ask questions and achieve organization goals. He is the face of the organization and the best brand manager. Recruit a grumpy manager and you get a grumpy organization.

Management training like no other

Many consultants are in the business  to make money. We are in the business to help you make money.  People come before money and strategy. We can help you work on your people at Rinasham Multi-Services Ltd, a training and development company in Nigeria.