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Reflecting on life in Nigeria

Simon Abah and others on CNBC Africa in 2015


CCTV  training for one week 6 days with practicals On
Digital and IP cameras installations Cabling technology, wireless technology, audio access, motion detection, Remote access, over mobile phones How to out source for contracts How to kw and get good products and equipment How to loop multiple sites into single control centre And many more.

Bead Making Vocational Skill Class


Electrical Engineering Vocational Skill Class


Tailoring Vocational Skill Class


Workshop on organizational effectiveness at Exceptional Diamond School Woji, Port Harcourt (school for people with disability)


What is your company culture?

Before you blame your direct reports for not being loyal, look inward and ask yourself if truly your organization is a first-rated one with corporate governance policies in place. Do you pay salaries on time and if not, do you educate your direct reports on reasons why you have not? Do they go for staff training to build cross cultural competencies? People follow leaders because they want to and not because they have to.  At Rinasham we can teach you steps to creating a long lasting organizational culture without which you cannot achieve organizational goals and objectives.

What is your leadership purpose?

Most people find it hard to define who they are. This is the main reason they do not realize their personal and professional goals. But you cannot blame. They  need to be coached. Knowing who you are is necessary to the realization of goals but yet the most difficult thing in life for most professionals. At Rinasham, we teach purpose and how you can connect purpose to life pursuits and business needs.