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Gender equality: How possible in Nigeria?

Gender equality: How possible in Nigeria? 18 February 2018   |
Sir: The culture in Nigeria heavily discriminates against women. Our attitude to the female gender is borne out largely of ignorance and lower state of evolution. The more evolved a society become, the higher the understanding, refined the cultural practices and enhanced its sense of equality. Those countries that treat her women folk with respect and dignity, who practice gender equality have advanced and will continue to do so.  This kind of attitude of discrimination is nothing short of “machismo-an exaggerated sense of masculinity or unwarranted accentuation of male ego.” Unfortunately, menfolks have found it most expedient to suppress the role and potential of women folk even in religious cycles. According to Professor Dele Owolawi “The only means of redressing this grossly skewed situation is for man to seek the light of reason and wisdom which only comes through genuine spiritual understanding. To go mundane in my analo…

Customer service

Why should there be a department dedicated to customer service? Every staff member should be a customer service agent. We can teach you the last principle in customer and how to be courageous, humble, be accountable and empathize with kings and peasants.


Helicopter parenting